South bend record show opens for 2020 season

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By Jack Springgate 

SOUTH BEND, Ind (WNDU) Many of us might not think of switching on the turntable to listen to music anymore, but playing a record is still a pastime many continue to enjoy.

They didn’t have to look much further than the South Bend Record Show.

For some people, listening to a vinyl record is about the sound.

“There’s a warmer, there’s a richer sound too it. The lows and some of the tones are a quality you don’t get with digital music as you do when playing it on vinyl,” said South Bend Record Show owner Jeremy Bonfiglio.

Some say it brings them back to when records were the only way to listen to music.

“One of the guys was replacing a record he had bought in 1979 that he had as a child. So he was bringing back the memories of that period. As he was buying it he was talking to me explaining how it was really taking him back,” said Parisite Records owner Perry Day.

And some because it brings them closer to family.

“We play the Beatles and lots of songs my dad like,” said a young vinyl enthusiast, Emmett Victor.
Emmett doesn’t need a turntable the age of digital streaming, but he says this is where he comes to find his favorite bands.

When asked his favorite bands – “The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin,” he said. “They just play some really good music”.

The show has been going on for more than 30 years, and just moved to their new location at the Waterford Estates Lodge.

“The space here is actually three times larger than our old space. Not only do we have more room but we have room to grow,” Bonfiglio said.

So they can continue to share their love for records.

That’s the first of six dates this year for the South Bend Record Show. The next one is on April 5th.

Click here to see the video segment.

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